Ville Andersson




Ville Andersson (b.1986) is a versatile artist, both in his use of different media and in his variety of styles and themes. His series comprise, among others, photographs, drawings, 3D computer design, coding, paintings, installations and texts.


Andersson lives and works in Helsinki. He studied at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited actively, including at: EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art; The National Art Center, Tokyo; Vitraria Glass +A Museum, Venice; Weserburg Museum für Moderne Kunst, Bremen; The Centre for Photography, Stockholm; FOMU – Fotomuseum provincie Antwerpen,  Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo 

& The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow


He was named Young Artist of the Year 2015 in Finland, an honour which included two solo exhibitions – at Tampere Art Museum and Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku – and a published volume of his works. Andersson has been awarded also with the Grönqvistska stiftelsen prize, Anita Snellman Foundation grant, the Stinka Krooks Foundation prize and William Thuring Prize. In 2022 Andersson was awarded the Watermill Center's Inga Maren Otto Fellowship.


Besides exhibitions, Andersson is actively involved in many communal and interdisciplinary projects. Previous projects include: a series of stamps for the Finnish postal service, tableware for the company Arabia, stage-set and costume designs for a theatre play, collaboration with the Academic Bookstore and artworks for a home for senior citizens.


In 2020-2021, the city of Tampere built a tram system. Andersson created graphic patterns for all the new tram stop shelters in the city. In 2020, Andersson created artworks for the End-of-life care at Kerava Public Health Care Center.


Andersson is one of the artists chosen for Platform GÁTT. Five high profile multidisciplinary arts festivals and institutions in the Nordic region band together in Platform GÁTT, with the mission to bring together and highlight young artists living and working in the Nordic countries. The arts festivals are Reykjavík Arts Festival, Bergen International Festival, Nuuk Nordic Culture festival, Helsinki Festival & The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.


Andersson’s works are in several public collections, including: Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma; Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection; the Amos Anderson Art Museum; and the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection





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Represented by


Helsinki Contemporary




The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki




Selected Solo Exhibitions:


2021 Artek Helsinki, Helsinki 

2021 Helsinki Contemporary

2018 Loko Gallery, Tokyo

2018 Finnland-Institut in Deutschland, Berlin

2018 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2016 Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Helsinki

2016 The Centre for Photography, Stockholm

2016 Diesel Art Gallery, Tokyo

2016 Market Art Fair, Stockholm

2016 Finlandsinstitutet, Stockholm

2015 Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Museum, Turku

2015 Tampere Art Museum, Tampere

2015 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2014 Vasa Konsthall, Vasa

2014 Loviisa cultural center, Lovisa

2014 ARCOmadrid, Madrid

2014 Pro Artibus Foundation, Ekenäs

2012 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2010 Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Helsinki

2010 My o My, Helsinki


Selected Group Exhibitions:



2022 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2022 What Cafe - Warehouse of art, Tokyo
2022 Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi

2021 The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow 

2021 Kunsthal Charlottenborg - Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen

2021 Lappeenranta Art Museum 

2020 Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi

2020 Helsingin Juhlaviikot - Helsinki Fest, Helsinki

2020 Loko Gallery, Tokyo

2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

2019 Oulu Museum of Art, Oulu

2019 Stymphalia Environment Museum, Stymphalia

2019 Toshima City Hall, Tokyo

2019 Palazzo Fogazzaro, Schio

2019 Pinxinmäki, Sysmä

2019 Galleri Sinne, Helsinki

2018 Seinäjoki Kunsthalle, Seinäjoki

2018 Max Ernst Museum, Brühl

2018 Nordic Museum, Seattle

2018 Bank of Finland, Helsinki
2018 Kuntsi Museum of modern art, Vaasa
2018 Aine Art Museum, Tornio

2017 Lachenmann Art, Konstanz

2017 Unseen Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2017 Kunsthal Charlottenborg - Chart Art Fair, Copenhagen

2017 Museum of Sydney, Sydney

2017 Salon Dahlmann, Berlin

2017 Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Bielefeld

2017 Museum Weserburg, Bremen

2017 Kallio Kunsthalle, Helsinki

2017 Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki

2016 Design Museum Arabia, Helsinki

2016 FOMU Fotomuseum, Antwerp

2016 Art Helsinki, Helsinki

2016 Watermill Center, New York

2016 Salon Dahlmann, Berlin

2016 Lokal, Helsinki

2016 Xidan Square, Beijing

2016 Taidekeskus Taarasti, Nastola

2016 Kuparipaja, Fiskars

2015 The Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Home Museum, Rauma

2015 Loviisa cultural center, Lovisa

2014 EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo

2014 Vitraria Glass +A Museum, Venice

2014 Rare gallery, New York

2014 Casa de Cultura de Grado, Asturias

2014 Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin

2014 Festival Horizonte Zingst, Zingst

2014 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2014 Tampere Art Museum, Tampere

2013 Kunsthalle Helsinki, Helsinki

2013 Hyvinkää Art Museum, Hyvinkää

2013 Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki

2013 Lokal ­ Art Space, Helsinki

2012 Kuntsi Museum of modern art, Vaasa

2012 Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki

2012 Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki

2012 The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki

2012 National Art Center, Tokyo

2012 Etelä­Karjala Art Museum, Lappeenranta

2012 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

2011 Kerava Art Museum, Kerava

2011 Museo Tornielli, Ameno

2011 Riihimäki Art Museum, Riihimäki

2011 Fotofestival Horizonte Zingst, Zingst

2010 Diamantenbörse, Frankfurt Am Main

2010 White Night ­ Skopje

2010 Photokina, Cologne

2010 Lönnström Art Museum, Raumo

2010 Lasipalatsi Square, Helsinki



Works In Collections:


Private Collections

Amos  Anderson Art Museum

Finnish Art Society

The Bank of Finland

Lönnström Art Museum

Pro Artibus Foundations

Ostrobothnian Museum

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Tampere Art Museum

The Paulo Foundation

Päivi & Paavo Lipponen Foundation

Heino Art Foundation

Kouvola Art Museum

The Watermill Center

National Treasures Museum Japan

FAN museum Japan

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Art Collection - City of Rovaniemi

Saastamoinen Art Foundation ­ Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Lars Swanljung Art Collection ­ Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art





2021 Finnish Cultural Foundation

2020 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2019 Finnish Cultural Foundation

2017 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland 

2016 The Nordic Art Association

2015 Finnish Cultural Foundation

2014 Frame Visual Art Finland

2014 Arts Promotion Centre Finland

2013 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland 

2013 Finnish Cultural Foundation

2013 Art Promotion Centre Finland



Prizes, nominations and stipends:


2023 William Thuring Prize

2022 Inga Maren Otto Fellowship

2015 The Young Artist of the Year in Finland Award

2014 ARCO - Spanish Art Critics Association (AECA) Award - Finalist

2012 Grönqvistska Stiftelsen stipend

2012 Anita Snellman Foundation stipend

2012 Japan Media Arts Festival ­ Jury Selection works

2011 Stina Krook Foundation Prize

2010 Photokina ­ Best Stand Jury Prize


2016 The book Ville Andersson 2009-2015 was chosen

as one of the most beautiful books of the year 2015 by

the Finnish Book Art Committee


2016 Ville Andersson 2009-2015 won the book of the year 2015 (1st prize)

at Antalis Design & Print awards in Finland.


2015 The exhibition catalogue My Little Empire was chosen

as one of the most beautiful books of the year 2014 by

the Finnish Book Art Committee




2023 Art Quarter Budapest, Budapest

2022 The Waternill Center, New York

2018 The Waternill Center, New York

2016 The Centre for Photography, Stockholm

2012 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Prize ­ New York Residence

2012 Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Residence ­ Berlin



Talks / Lectures:


The Nordic House - Faroe Island,  University of Osaka, The Swedish Embassy in Tokyo,

 The Fine Arts Academy of Finland, Pecha Kucha, Helsinki Design Week, Habitare Design Event, the Finnish parliament,

University of Helsinki, Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland

+ various museums, galleries and schools.



Interviews, Articles, Reviews


Among others:


Domus, GQ Japan, Huffington Post, Numéro Japan, Helsingin Sanomat,

Finnair Blue Wings, Yatzer, Oak - Nordic Journal, KUNSTforum, Taide, Taide & Design

Sweden's public broadcaster SVT, TV-Nytt, MTV3 Uutiset, To magazine, DailyServing, Niin&Näin, Madame Figaro

Suomen Kuvalehti, Creators - Vice, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, TimeOut,,

PAC Plataforma de Arte Contemporaneo, Eeva, Kansan Uutiset, Hits Paper, Studenbladet,, Anna, Kuriren, HBL, Hypocrite Design, Turun Sanomat,,

Tokyo Art Beat, Kotiliesi, Radio Helsinki, FAT magazine, Tendencias del Mercado del Arte,

El Mundo, Hämeen Sanomat, Deko, Åbo Underrättelser, Kulttuurihaitari,,

Booooooom, Optio, EDIT media, Aamulehti, Classic FM, Olivia, Cross Connect Magazine,

Blouin Art Info, Frontier, Asun, Taiteilija-lehti,, Gloria, Sveriges Radio, National Geographic,

The Carolina Quarterly, Nyt, Östnyland, thenumber4, Ny Tid, ARTNAU, Kauppalehti,

Plus81 Magazine,, EstElle, Yahoo! Beauty Japan, Designcollector

Tokyo Weekender,, El Cultural + various Finnish newspapers.



Other artistic activities:



2020- Member of Platform GÁTT

Project collaboration between

Reykjavík Arts Festival, Bergen International Festival, Nuuk Nordic Culture festival, Helsinki Festival and The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.

2020 Grahpic patterns for the roofs of tram stop shelters in the city of Tampere

2020 Collaboration with Kerava Health Care Center

2019 Tote Design for the Watermill Center

2018 Visual Identity - Home for senior citizens

2018 Collaboration with the Academic Bookstore

2017 Hej Hylje-charity project for the benefit of the Baltic Sea.

2016 Collaboration with Arabia

2016 Stamps for the Finnish postal service

2015 Jury member in the PON-drawing competition

organised by the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland

2015 Set Design for the play "Lungs" at Klockriketeatern

2014 May & June - Exhibition at Hasan & Partners, Helsinki

2014 Mars - Exhibition at Helsinki Contemporary Showroom

2013 Flow Festival, Helsinki ­ The hate destroyer ­ wall painting

2012 Artworks for the tv-series Helsingin Herra

2011 Turku365 - European Capital of Culture event: Art to the people

2010 Manifesta8, Murcia ­ workshop with Chamber of Public Secrets

2010 Artworks for the movie Bad Family